Source Name:Screen DailySource Url:http://www.screendaily.comPost Thumb:/oct11/tc.jpgDante Tomaselli's long awaited chiller Torture Chamber has landed itself a sales agent in Shoreline, and that means that soon the rest of the world will find out just how hot this flick really is. Read

Post Thumb:/oct11/tc.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb1x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb2x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb3x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb4x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb5x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb6x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamberb7x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber1x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber2x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber3x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber4x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber5x'What would a holiday weekend be without a little mayhem, maiming and torture? Kind of dull methinks. That's why we've scored some new imagery along with a

Post Thumb:/oct11/tc.jpgGallery Image:'/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber1x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber2x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber3x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber4x', '/gallery/torturechamber/torturechamber5x'Director Dante Tomaselli dropped us a line this morning with some new stills and a quick update on his long awaited flick Torture Chamber, and we have all the goods for you right here!

Post Thumb:/oct11/bloodlodges.jpgAll children of 80's horror will certainly remember Blood Beach and Blood Diner, and now the good people at Graffiti Playhouse Productions bring us a vision of the undead invading a tourist-soaked ski resort entitled Blood Lodge. Again, for