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March 4, 2024
We spoke with ‘Compliance’ director Kyle Mangione-Smith about how he’s going to change the found footage game with his new film.
Paranormal Activity horror
January 29, 2024
From ‘The Blair Witch Project’ to ‘Oculus’, these six horror movies skillfully hide their monsters. Read the full list on Dread Central.
Horror In The High Desert Gary missing poster
January 3, 2024
‘Horror In The High Desert’ isn’t just terrifying. It also crafts a fascinating look at Gary, a gay hiker with more than a few secrets.
'V/H/S/94' Trailer horror
September 16, 2021
Horror anthology ‘V/H/S/94’ is coming to Shudder this October, and the trailer shows off that lo-fi aesthetic we so love in found footage.