New International Annabelle: Creation Poster is Cross

A new one-sheet is here for Annabelle: Creation and it has some spicy international flavor. Dig it! Read our Annabelle: Creation review NOW! From the Press Release: She’s back! From New Line Cinema comes “Annabelle: Creation,” with David F. Sandberg… Continue Reading

Annabelle: Creation (2017)

Annabelle Creation

Starring Anthony LaPaglia, Mirando Otto, Stephanie Sigman, Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson Directed by David Sandberg Creepy dolls are pretty much guaranteed to scare, if not scar – Annabelle: Creation producer James Wan has said the clown doll in the original… Continue Reading

Annabelle: Creation Set Visit Interview with Peter Safran

Annabelle Creation

Peter Safran is one of the hardest-working, best producers in horror today. He’s the guy who brought us The Conjuring films and the first Annabelle. Before that, he was more known for thrillers (Buried) and spoofs (Scary Movie). Annabelle: Creation… Continue Reading

Annabelle: Creation Set Visit Interview with Talitha Bateman

Annabelle 2

We got the chance to talk with Talitha Bateman, who plays one of the orphans, on the set between takes on Annabelle: Creation. Here’s what she had to say about working with everyone’s favorite demonic diva-doll. DC: We see you’re… Continue Reading

Annabelle: Creation – Set Visit Interview with David Sandberg

Annabelle Creation

Lucky David F. Sandberg! Not that his talent, professionalism and creativity didn’t get the fledgling filmmaker to where he is today, but wow – he is so lucky that uber-producer James Wan just happened to see his buzz-worthy short film… Continue Reading

WonderCon 2017: New Annabelle: Creation Footage, Insight From Director David F. Sandburg at the Warner Bros. Panel; Also Wonder Woman Stuff

Annabelle 2

I’ve always had a soft spot for WonderCon. While San Diego Comic-Con has expanded from just some comic book artists in a few halls of the convention center to engulfing the entire city, WonderCon has been true to its commitment to… Continue Reading