2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)

1 bedroom 2 bath s - 2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)Starring Eric Roberts, Dee Wallace, Costas Mandylor, Andrew W. Walker, Michele Hicks

Directed by Stanley Yung

The haunted house story is tried and true. Predating film and television in campfire tales, short stories, and novels – the formula is a staple for scares. Add children in peril to the mix, and you’ve got a sure winner. At least, that’s the hope.

In 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath we meet a young couple who’ve just found their dream home. It’s a modest apartment, and perhaps their first clue should have been that horror icon Dee Wallace Stone is the landlord, but no matter – they sign on the dotted line and thereby sign away their last bit of happiness, peace and sanity.

Pretty soon Kevin (Andrew W. Walker) starts to have weird dreams, and Rachel (Michelle Hicks) is pushed over the edge when her fertility treatments (administered by none other than Eric Roberts) consume her every waking thought to the point of dangerous obsession. When things get to be just too much, Kevin decides to dive into the history of their new home… and of course uncovers a terrifying past. The tormented spirit of a former female tenant plagues the place and seems to want nothing more than to haunt the birth of their innocent child.

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath is a decent ghost story and the acting is fine, but it doesn’t seem like a theatrical release candidate to me. Even if I downloaded it via VOD, I’d be thinking askance in regard to the rough editing, uneven sound and slapdash color timing. It feels to me like it’s still a work in progress, but it’s in theatres now as of September 5, 2014.

If those technical issues would have been taken care of, I’d like the film a lot more. There are some good moments of suspense and horror; if not original, at least worthy of the genre. But as it stands, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath is good but not great – it’s merely a port in the storm for channel surfers in search of a new supernatural horror move. Any new supernatural horror movie.

mobF - 2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)mobF - 2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)mobH - 2 Bedroom 1 Bath (2014)

2 1/2 out of 5

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Written by Debi Moore

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