‘Nightmare On One Sheet: The Horror Art Of Graham Humphreys’ Review: An Incredible Look At The Work Of A Master

Graham Humphreys is a talented illustrator who has been creating horror posters for over four decades. His latest book, Nightmare on One Sheet: The Horror Art Of Graham Humphreys, showcases his most recent magnificent illustrations. Fans will be awed by the majesty of his artwork as you browse through the pages.

The book opens with a foreword from Rob Zombie, who refers to Humphreys as “a master of bringing a film to life in a two-dimensional space.” Anyone familiar with Humphreys’ work will probably agree with the sentiment, as his artwork literally seems to leap off the page and into the darkest corners of your mind. And yes, before you ask, the forward was appropriately accompanied by Humphreys’ drawing of Rob Zombie.

After Zombie’s forward, there’s an introduction by Humphreys himself, who describes how he created countless new pieces of artwork during the lockdown period, which are collected within the book. The next several pages showcase a step-by-step guide to his design process, so fans can observe how Humphreys’ art evolves from a basic concept sketch into a fully illustrated painting. Although few will ever be able to achieve his level of talent, it’s fascinating to observe the process he undertakes to create his illustrations.

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The various sections of the book then showcase the artwork Humphreys created during the pandemic, and there were separate categories for home video covers, film posters, book covers, vinyl illustrations, and private commissions. Each illustration is clearly showcased along with a description of how it came about so that readers can learn more about Humphreys’ creative process.

Some of the most notable recent illustrations featured throughout the book include Humphreys’ poster for Psycho Goreman, his promotional artwork for events such as FrightFest and HorrorCon UK, and the Blu-ray cover he created for Steven Spielberg’s Duel. Humphreys also seems to have illustrated posters for just about every classic horror film ever to have been released, as his one sheets for Night of the Living DeadJaws, and Dawn of the Dead, are all showcased in the volume. And fans of classic British horror will be thrilled to see House of the Long Shadows represented.

Sci-fi fans will also be thrilled to gaze upon the stunning poster Humphreys created for In Search of Tomorrow, an acclaimed documentary about sci-fi movies from the 1980s. This particular post is presented in the form of a double-page spread inside the book. With so many magnificent illustrations on offer, Nightmare on One Sheet really does have something for everyone.

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While Nightmare on One Sheet mainly focuses on Humphreys’ recent artwork, there’s also a magnificent double-page spread featuring his original poster for The Evil Dead. It was appropriately accompanied by a description of how the success of the film effectively launched his career, and how he will always be grateful towards it. Seeing as The Evil Dead is widely considered to be one of the greatest horror films of all time, it certainly seems fitting for it to have also been the film responsible for the career of one of the most popular horror artists of our time.

In addition to Rob Zombie’s forward, Nightmare on One Sheet also features quotes and passages from a multitude of other familiar faces within the horror industry, including Elvira’s Haunted Hills director Sam Irvin, actor Reece Shearsmith, Oscar-winning makeup artist Howard Berger, and filmmaker Greg Nicotero. Humphreys’ illustrations have left a huge impact on the horror genre, which explains why so many prominent figures within the industry have praised his work.

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Humphreys’ artwork famously has a surreal and almost dream-like quality to it. This is perfectly captured throughout the illustrations included in the book. Therefore, fans really will be thankful for the opportunity to own a tome collecting so many stunning pieces of artwork from an artist who possesses an incredible level of mastery over his craft. Since the book runs for almost two hundred pages, you really will start to wonder how Humphreys was able to create so many stunning pieces since the initial lockdown period in 2020. Clearly, the man does not get enough sleep.

Nightmare on One Sheet is a testament to the incredible levels of talent and dedication that Humphreys is known for. This book collects hundreds of his finest pieces of art, offering fascinating insights and details into the creation process for the unique images that decorate the pages. This is definitely a book that aficionados of horror artwork will not be able to live without.



Graham Humphreys is one of the most prominent artists working within the horror genre, and Nightmare on One Sheet should be an essential purchase for anyone who appreciates his incredible work.



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