ROAD HEAD Review–Strange Scenes Inside a Wasteland

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Road Head starring Elizabeth Grullon, Damian Joseph Quinn, Clayton Farris, and Paul T. Taylor

Written by Chloe Skye

Directed by David Del Rio

There are many lurid events that take place in many dustbowl locales.  Films such as the various Mad Max incarnations along with others such as It Stains the Sand Red and the various The Hills Have Eyes films come to mind.  Within these perceived empty shells of sand and dust, strange scenes permeate throughout its landscapes.

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Three friends take a road trip to the Mojave Desert. There their complicated relationships are pushed to their breaking point. And the group encounters a reclusive, murderous cult.

Road Head is produced by Delco-Cut Productions and distributed by Terror Films. It provides us a desert atmosphere combined with a profile that has some shades of John Waters or Jess Franco’s works combined within its scenarios.

Partners Alex (Damian Joseph Quinn) and Bryan (Clayton Farris) along with Bryan’s third wheel friend Stephanie (Elizabeth Grullon) engage in a road trip to a remote vacation destination aptly named Lake Isola.  When they approach the lake, they realize that the lake is nothing more than a desert of desolation. 

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As they head back to civilization, Alex decides to give Bryan just that while Bryan is at the wheel.  As Alex performs said oral sex on Bryan, Brayn slams on the brakes. And, in the process, gets his manhood mutilated by Alex.  The reason for the sudden stop is the two severed heads impeding their way out.  As they freak out about the heads, a bigger problem arises in the form of a sword-wielding Executioner (Adam Nemet) who loves to lop off human heads.  In the middle of absolutely nowhere with no resources at their disposal, Alex, Bryan, and Stephanie engage in a life or death free for all as they meet the odd collection of inhabitants that reside within this wasteland.

Written by Justin Xavier and directed by David Del Rio, these two gentlemen takes us on a journey into a desert complete with decapitations, blood-soaked battles, and a strange, male-dominated community straight out of cosplay with gender-bending to spare.  This film moves quickly from the start with lulls in the middle and a slightly unexpected ending.  In short, if you participate or receive head, you lose your actual head in the end.

The performances are fun and well done with Damien Joseph Quinn playing the exasperated but slightly exaggerated Alex.  Clayton Farris is terrific as the happy-go-lucky buffer between his lover Alex and his friend Stephanie.  Elizabeth Grullon is wonderful as the obnoxious but haunted friend Stephanie as she battles not only the characters within the barren badlands but a figment of her ex-boyfriend.

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Despite its worn-out genre feel, this film would be fun with a bucket of popcorn and letting your expectations go.  This movie would be an enjoyment to view at a midnight showing at your local cinema.

Look for director David Del Rio’s upcoming horror-comedy Road Head on VOD beginning June 4th from Terror Films.



If you enjoy dirty dusty movies with decapitations thrown in, Road Head will be an enjoyable low-budget pleasure.



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