MY MONSTER Short Film Review: Izzy Lee Proves That Love Bites

Monster Brea couch 2 750x422 - MY MONSTER Short Film Review: Izzy Lee Proves That Love Bites

My Monster poster 194x300 - MY MONSTER Short Film Review: Izzy Lee Proves That Love Bites
Starring Brea Grant, Steve Johanson, Adam Egypt Mortimer

Written by Izzy Lee

Directed by Izzy Lee

Isn’t everyone looking for the perfect relationship? Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong place. Horror and romance go together bloody well in the holiday themed short film My Monster from Nihil Noctem films. The film was written and directed by indie horror favorite Izzy Lee, also known for Innsmouth (2015) and Rites of Vengeance (2017).

Brea Grant, who is always a delight to watch, stars as Lily, whose boyfriend seems way more interested in himself than he is in her. When she tells him she hasn’t been getting any sleep because she is being terrorized by a monster every night, he tells her to take a sleeping pill and get over it. Besides, Christmas is coming and who has time to worry about monsters?

When the grotesque creature, draped in a black cloak, shows up and begins his nightly routine of scaring Lily, her boyfriend sees it, too and tries to be a tough guy by attacking it. When that doesn’t turn out so well, Lily decides to confront the monster and find out what it wants from her. Once she finds out the monster wants her blood, the story takes a witty and hilarious turn that showcases Izzy Lee’s extremely creative writing and unique style of filmmaking. Lily and the monster enter into an agreement of sorts that benefits each of them and noticeably improves Lily’s romantic situation.

With an eight minute runtime, My Monster uses classic special effects that are a throwback to the eighties, and impressive makeup, lighting and cinematography to make this a highly enjoyable viewing experience. This is a really fun short horror film with an original twist. Izzy Lee continues to shine as one of the most talented, hardworking female genre filmmakers out there. Keep your eye on her!

For more awesome horror from Izzy Lee and to find out where you can see My Monster, check out the Nihil Noctem website and follow them on Facebook.


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An original story that uses the perfect blend of humor and horror makes My Monster a real treat.

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