THE NURSERY Review – Little Children And The Paranormal Go Together Like Peas And Carrots

nurseryposters 750x422 - THE NURSERY Review - Little Children And The Paranormal Go Together Like Peas And Carrots

nurseryposter 213x300 - THE NURSERY Review - Little Children And The Paranormal Go Together Like Peas And CarrotsStarring Maddi Conway, Emmaline Friederichs, Carly Sauer

Written by Christopher A. Miklos

Directed by Christopher A. Miklos and Jay Sapiro

I’ll never take a figurative crap on the work of a babysitter, be it a seasoned professional or teen just looking to make some weekend bucks – you’re essentially playing the role of caregiver for a child (or children), and you’re the end-line of defense if anything is to happen to the little ones…then there’s the whole paranormal aspect. Come on, people – we’re talking horror movies here!! What, did you think I was referring to a baby with colic or explosive diarrhea?

In the case of The Nursery, the latest film from co-directors Christopher A. Miklos and Jay Sapiro the onus is placed upon college lass Ranae (Conway), a woman who herself is looking to move past a horrific turn of events in her own life by reaching out and providing some aid to a family looking for a sitter. The irony here is in the family that she starts to work for is no stranger to personal tragedy themselves, and it manifests itself in some rather “interesting” events as she’s set to watch over their youngin’. She calls in a bit of assistance in her best friends to accompany her while watching over the tyke, and together they all begin to become inundated with terrifying visions and generally unexplained phenomena that simply can be chalked up as “wrong place, wrong time.”

Is there some correlation between these events and the losses that have plagued both Ranae and her employers, or is this something totally unrelated but still sinister in nature? In the middle of all of this we’ve got a specter that has learned to send off chilling texts and videos to mobile phone customers…yeah. I’m one for suspension of disbelief as much as the next guy, but there was something a little too “Geek Squad” about this film, combined with more than a few asinine actions from our group of friends (not to mention some severely suspect acting, all adds up to a film that left much more than could have been desired. Don’t get me wrong here – this isn’t a complete bowel unloading on this presentation as there were some effective scares within, but even our leading entity of terror looked a bit “Samara-like” if you catch what I’m flingin’. If its simplicity and a complete abandonment of rationality you’re looking for in your horror film, then, by all means, jump on in, but if you’re hankering for plausibility and precision, you might want to pass this one by.

  • The Nursery


This film might be lacking in plentiful frights, but if I need any assistance in the future about how to send videos from my phone, I’m checking in with this ghost!

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