Night Sitter, The (2017)


Starring Elyse Dufour, Jack Champion, Joe Walz

Written and directed by Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco

The prospect of an easy babysitting job for one young girl proves to be much more than she could have ever imagined in the fun horror/comedy The Night Sitter.

From the opening sights and sounds, you get the feeling that this has somewhat of a Carpenter-like vibe to it, and it’s also easy to surmise that this one was meant for holiday viewing, and damn was I psyched to give this one a look. Amber (Dufour) is a young, beautiful lady who’s looking to score a few dollars, and her workspace for the night is inside a cozy little home, decked out with Christmas lights, and a kid who’s not too happy to be saddled with some hired help for the evening.

Turns out single dad is bringing a new lady friend into the home, and junior’s still pissed to an extent – ah well, if those were the only troubles for the night! Seems that our vivacious kid-watcher is in for some real hell when a bevy of sinister entities are summoned to the very home she’s scheduled to keep eyes on…but are her intentions on the up-and-up? Only time will tell, I suppose – there’s some rather interesting sidebars to this presentation, and what you see might not be what truly is…run enough of a misdirection, for ya? The unsuspecting, and hopelessly harmless antics of a kid and his temporary guardian bring forth some devilishly problematic occurrences.

In all honesty, Bruhn and Rocco have done a great job putting on this fun flick, and if it’s not the vengeful witches (known as The Three Mothers) that have their way with the babysitter, it’ll be the rate of pay – seriously, this woman doesn’t get paid nearly enough for the work she puts on in this film! I also can’t extol enough the usage of light and sound with this film, as the frights and laughs seem to grow enthusiastically out of the imagery, with Christmas decorations strung up in the home – it all strengthens the feel and overall tone of the movie. I’ve always been a sucker for a little yuletide slaughter in horror films, and this certainly is a nice addition to the fray.

Overall, The Night Sitter is a watch that will appeal to not only fans looking for some holiday tricks and treats, but preps us for the Saint Nick season that’s (scarily) approaching just over the horizon. Make sure you give this one a peek when it becomes available, but please think twice about advertising for someone to watch your rugrat, as you never know who (or what) they’ll be dragging along with them for the trip.

  • Film
User Rating 3.71 (14 votes)


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