Houses October Built 2, The (2017)


The Houses October Built 2Starring Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Mikey Roe

Directed by Bobby Roe

If at first you don’t succeed getting the ever-loving shit scared out of you…why not head back and do it all over again? The Halloween treat that was dropped in our plastic pumpkins back in 2014, The Houses October Built, from director Bobby Roe and writer Zack Andrews, managed to break the stagnant mold that had formed around the found-footage format style of film. So, three years have passed, and needless to say there were some people wondering just what happened to the crew from the first film? Well, look no further – for The Houses October Built 2 is upon us, and we’re going to cut this fucker open right now and see what seeps out.

Roe and Andrews took great pride in constructing this sequel, and in many ways it completely bypasses its predecessor, and while there will be some that didn’t dig the first, and are shaking their heads at the prospect of a second – grab a cold one (or two), relax for a moment and just let the scary times play on. We pick up a couple of years after the completion of the first film, and spoilers aside, I think you all will be able to surmise just what happened to our gung-ho gang of spooky-hunters, and Zack is currently trying desperately to convince Brandy (coffin girl) to come back out with the fellas for another cross-country jaunt for a haunt (I’m a rhyming scholar) – naturally, she’s a bit put off by the events of the first undertaking, so she’s not exactly in agreement with the crew. The uploaded video from the Blue Skeleton has catapulted the group to internet darlings, and they’re ready to cash in once again, looking for the scare-houses that set themselves apart from imitators – sounds like nothing but trouble to me.

The fright-seekers are a much deeper bunch this time around, and it’s mainly due to their grasp on the whole “15 minutes of fame” thing – acting as a reversal of their own morals, and the audience will gleefully watch as they get poked, prodded, screamed at, and basically tortured within the legal limits of the law, all in the demented wish of looking for the perfect scare. The cinematography is much more streamlined this go-round, and it’s nothing but a fun time to be had, that is until the real chills come rolling in, and it’s a wait worth holding out for. I found myself making a list of all the killer places the crew checked out, just in case I get bored with the lame activity around me, and believe it when I tell you, there are some places that THRIVE on making people piss themselves. Overall, these Houses are a must-see for the Halloween season, and I can’t recommend it enough – it releases today (Sept 22nd) in select theaters and On-Demand services, so make sure you give it a look.

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