Dead Again in Tombstone (Blu-ray/DVD)

DeadAgainInTombstone 220x300 - Dead Again in Tombstone (Blu-ray/DVD)Starring Danny Trejo, Jake Busey, Elysia Rotaru

Directed by Roel Reine

Distributed by Universal

The Good, The Bad, and The UglyTrue GritHigh NoonUnforgiven – all of these are widely regarded as some of the greatest westerns to ever grace the big screen (certainly open to debate or interpretation, of course), and when I saw the first Dead In Tombstone, I was impressed with not only its premise, but the amount of action. Now could it stand up to some of the greatest westerns ever? Probably not, but therein lies the true beauty of the cinematic element: dig what you like, because there’s always an audience for something. Director Roel Reine once again straps on the directorial spurs, loads up his six-shooters, and kicks in the saloon doors with Dead Again In Tombstone.

Perpetual bad-ass Danny Trejo returns as back-from-the-dead gunslinger Guerrero, and hot on his trail this time is Jackson Boomer (Busey in an insanely hokey role) – the reason for the close trail on Guerrero is the location of a family relic – Guerrero won’t give it up, and Boomer won’t give in. The propensity for some good, old-fashioned old west violence is high, and before this battle has reached a conclusion, there will be hell raised and blood to be shed. Guerrero now not only has to worry about Boomer’s dogged pursuit, but with his mother and tougher-than-nails daughter (Rotaru) at risk, his disposition for unholy retribution might need to be trimmed back just a whisker…like that’s going to happen! This little piece of family history that Boomer’s on the prowl for could hold the key to unleashing the evil forces of hell upon not only the dusty town of Silver River, but the entire world itself.

While the film does offer quite a bit of mindless fun, please remember the key word here: mindless – there are more than a few negatives attached to this film, and while it can put your viewing experience at a bit of a disadvantage, try not to let it deflect from the enjoyment that it can bring to you for 90 minutes or so. Pay no attention to the ENDLESS rounds of ammunition from pistols and shotguns that need no reloads, the stormtrooper-like accuracy in which people take shots (we’re talking damn-near point-blank range here, people)…and then there’s that damn accent from Busey…my god, it’s a pseudo-Southern drawl from hell, slowed down to Forrest Gump-like speed. If you’re willing to look past the shortcomings, and just sit back and let Mr. Trejo do what he does best (kick an unruly amount of ass), then I can certainly recommend Dead Again In Tombstone to any interested bystander, but please, watch out for the rogue buffalo chips in the road as they can become a tripping hazard.


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User Rating 3.11 (9 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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