Admonition (Short, 2017)

Admonition 203x300 - Admonition (Short, 2017)Starring Adrienne King, Lindsey Shope

Directed by Alexander Mattingly

A personal note to all of those readers who are either now caring for, or could potentially care for an ill family member somewhere in the future: if they begin to rant and rave about the devil coming to pay a visit, PLEASE don’t dismiss it as delirium, especially after watching Alexander Mattingly’s short film Admonition.

Starring everyone’s favorite camper, Adrienne King (Friday the 13th & Part 2) – she plays a woman who is on her deathbed, under the care of her deaf daughter (Shope). As one night rolls along, her warnings to her daughter grow more fevered about something evil that will soon be paying a visit. I’ll lock up my lips about the remainder of the short for those who want a chill – this is fairly creepy stuff, and King is excellent in her role of the dying matriarch.

Mattingly uses the presence of shadows and limited light to help capture the frights – hey, if you’re going to check out a two-person act that primarily takes place in a bedroom, you’d sure as hell want the surrounding atmosphere to be a telling one, let alone act as a chamber of horrors. I can without a doubt recommend this one to anybody wanting to get that feeling of pulling the covers over their heads, as that is what truly keeps the monsters away, doesn’t it?

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User Rating 3.25 (8 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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