After Hours (Short, 2017)

By Matt Boiselle

AfterHours 184x300 - After Hours (Short, 2017)Starring Bill Oberst, Jr., Gabriel Lee, Tracy Decresie

Directed by Michael Aguiar

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Bill Oberst, Jr., should unequivocally be the go-to performer when your film needs that perfect psycho to effectively give an audience a case of the unforgiving heebies. However, he’s got the chops to persuasively portray any character that’s put in front of him, and that’s why I was over the moon to see him ply his craft in Michael Aguiar’s whodunit-short, After Hours.

Oberst plays a grizzled detective who’s called in to investigate the mysterious murder of a young lady who was working late one night – no forced entry, and no other discernible signs other than a body and a whole lotta crimson that hit the floor. Oberst’s character is one that operates with extreme caution, yet seems haunted to an extent, and his methods could be leading him right to the killer… or are they?

The film, written by Adam Paul Weber, is intricately oriented with details, and I can’t express enough that one simple watch of this quickie isn’t nearly enough to catch all the little bits of info that you could amass to try to solve this one yourselves. It’s got all the chills and frills of a stalker/mystery, and even with a relatively short runtime, After Hours is one of those presentations that gives you hope for the future of filmmaking – make sure to check this one out when it skulks by your window one night.

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