Fetish Factory (2016)

fetishfactoryposter 197x300 - Fetish Factory (2016)Starring Carrie Keagan, Chase Williamson, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn

Directed by Staci Layne Wilson

Idiosyncrasies – we’ve all got them. Be it an obsession with something that trips our trigger, or the simplistic thought of something pleasing – while others may call it a fetish, the pin-up beauties at Fetish Factory call it “money.” But the question remains: is this send-up of B-movie nostalgia got the chops to represent the cheese-filled presentations of the past, or will this be yet another T&A show with a little comedic-horror thrown in? Okay, some of you that are here SIMPLY for the t & a, please form a line to the left – horror lovers, to the right…maybe we can meet in the middle on this one.

Directed by Staci Layne Wilson, the film centers on the burlesqued bevy of beauties employed at the aforementioned factory, dolling up to strut their stuff on stage for the paying customer, and then taking the ones that pay considerably more backstage to fulfill their desires – absolutely NO sex on the menu here, ya reprobates! This club is strictly for allowing the patrons to blow off a little repressed steam, all the while tossing greenbacks at the gals. Starring Carrie Keagan as Bettie (Miss Page, I presume), and the stunning Biehn as Jayne, the ladies’ simple plan for a productive night at the club goes awry when a band of flesh-craving lunatics come pounding at the door, and our band of lavish lasses are forced to fend them off before becoming zombie-chow.

The movie certainly doesn’t take itself seriously (not that it should), and Wilson’s direction seems honest and fun, which only adds to the movie’s entertainment-factor. Female empowerment is on the menu here, and the idea that guys are knocking at the door for a little fun, then knocking DOWN the same doors for a little dinner is both symbolic and salient all in the same breath. Clocking in at a scant 70-minutes, the film does take a bit of time to get going, but the fellas won’t mind with all the eye-candy floating about, and when the inevitable attack occurs, it speeds the movie up to a respectable pace and a somewhat rounded-out sense of completion. Wilson’s directorial-style looks like a woman whose love of horror shines through, and with ample doses of subtle-sexuality and laughs, this trip to the flesh-house is well worth the dollars being strewn on stage – make it rain!

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User Rating 3.31 (16 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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