One Night of Fear (2016)


one night of fear movie poster 670x1024 196x300 - One Night of Fear (2016)Starring Jessica Sonneborn, Suzi Lorraine, Jimmy Dempster, Russ Forga

Directed by Brian Troxell

For those looking for a simple, color-by-numbers, blood-splashed on the walls slasher flick, might I lead you to this clearing in the woods (now don’t be afraid, little campers).  The film I’m alluding to is One Night of Fear from director Brian Troxell, and it’s no muss, no fuss, no apologies slice-em/dice-em with a side of laughs just to break things up.

If simplicity is the key to success, then Troxell is definitely on to something here, and he uses that blueprint to an admirable level of display with this film about a group of friends deciding to take themselves out of the public and into the forest for a little rest and relaxation, and that’s when the bloodshed begins – didn’t I tell ya this was easy as pie? Actually, the word is that the events encompassed in this film were based upon numerous instances of campers and hikers entering the Ocala National Forest and never making their way out – as if taking a trip into the woods for a little debauchery already didn’t have enough of a bad rap. After one of the group is dispatched at the hands of a deranged killer, not even the park ranger sent in to assist proves to be much of a safety net.

The idea that I really can’t divulge much more info about this film is indeed both a blessing and a curse – to say any more would spoil it for prospective viewers, while on the other hand, with a plotline as mainlined as this, I’d be droning on and on… and as we all know, I do plenty of that to fill up an article space. What I can offer, however, is the claim that the kills in this film are interesting to view, and character interaction does play a sizable part in the movie’s tempo and flow – hey, you don’t always have to despise a persona to revel in their gruesome death. Even for the film’s relatively small budget, the look of the presentation is surprisingly well-polished, which only adds to the movie’s image.

Overall, it’s easy, it’s fun, and it’ll get you through those cold December nights when blood needs to run hot just to warm you up. Give it a look when it’s available on Amazon Prime on November 30th.

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