Larry Gone Demon (Short, 2016)

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artwork coming soon 3 - Larry Gone Demon (Short, 2016)Starring Charles Parker Newton, Jeff Riddle, Kristina Berger

Directed by Matthew John Lawrence

He’s that one irreparable roomie that you just can’t seem to shake: he stinks, he plays loud music at all times of the day (and night), and worst of all – he’s become a complete delinquent with his share of the rent…sorry, have I mentioned that he’s converted his soul to the inescapable prisons of Satan’s lair? – yeah, apologies if I omitted that little nugget of info.

Larry Gone Demon, the short film from director Matthew John Lawrence, provides a look at someone that we all might have split room and board with over the course of our lives (minus the demonic, black-heart stuff), and gives it a gruesome, comedic twist that goes heavy on the laughs, and makes us all want to think about stricter restrictions on roommate applications. The jist here is the dilemma faced by three roommates (Newton, Riddle & Berger) about what should be done when their 4th bunky’s actions have simply become too much to deal with. Larry (Ryan Conrath) has undergone a change over the last two weeks, and it’s causing a bit of “friction” if you will, and with a rag-tag band of dirtbag collectors coming to take their piece of the rent when it’s drastically late, the problems mount like shit on the kitchen table (trust me, you’ll know what I’m talking about). So what’s the answer? A notice of eviction, a group talk, or perhaps an exorcism? Something needs to happen fast before things go straight to hell!

Lawrence lays the humor on in both subtle and blatant fashion in this quickie, and while some of it is amusing, it’s goofy at best, and it’s really better suited to be a short film, as the material wears thin after 15 minutes. Don’t let my words scare you off, however – it’s an entertaining short, and will find it’s way into the hearts of the lovers of gory humor and the appreciators of the possession set – overall, it’s one of those films that’s best laid out when you’ve got your pals over, and the beers are flowing, and you need a little metal, blood and bowling priests to make you smile…wait a minute? What was that last part again? Ah, see this one for yourself and you’ll fully understand the weight of this review.

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