Drawn to Fear (Short, 2016)


drawntofearStarring Courtney Lakin, Jeremy Tassone, Reagan Gales

Directed by Daniel Robinette

These horror shorts are becoming such a mixed bag of goodies that you never really know what you’ll find inside. I see myself looking at more plot swerves and insane action in quickies that are running less than 10 minutes than in the majority of full-length features I’m setting my eyes upon, and that’s becoming a very good thing.

In Drawn to Fear from Daniel Robinette, I can’t exactly say that I haven’t seen this premise in a film before, but the way that Robinette throws it up on the screen is refreshing and pretty eerie to boot. The story unfolds with a young woman named Hope (Lakin), who has just come into acquiring a very raggedy-looking book, with pages that seem to tell a frightening tale with the turn of each leaf. I can’t divulge too many further details, but trust me when I say that this film, while not terribly innovative in its base creation, does manage to exceed the limits of technical and visual beauty in its presentation.

It looks good, it tells a nice story, and it keeps you hanging onto your seat for the all-too-short runtime of less than 8 minutes. Robinette should be applauded for his direction and execution, and I for one can only hope that he decides to push his resume to include some full-length horror features in the future.

  • Film
User Rating 4 (7 votes)


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