Suffer the Little Children (Short)


artwork-coming-soonStarring Anne Bobby, Andrew Lyndaker, Beth Somerville

Directed by Corey Norman

Schoolchildren…if these little chaotic anklebiters aren’t the bane of teachers’ existences – especially the ones that morph into fleshy, eyeless, pus-pocketed, gaping-mouthed monsters at a simple request. Okay, I may have taken it a bit too far with my characterization – or have I?

In Suffer the Little Children, directed by Bonfire Films’ Corey Norman and taken from a short story written by the master of the macabre himself, Mr. Stephen King, what may not be all an illusion in a teacher’s mind could be what drives her to pure insanity. And what a fun trip it is to witness! Thrown down in his immensely popular Nightmares & Dreamscapes (1993) after being first published by Cavalier magazine in 1972, the story looks at a third-grade teacher, played magnificently by Anne Bobby (Nightbreed). Her name is Miss Sidley, and she’s convinced that her “angelic” little sponges are creatures, simply lying in wait to evolve and take over… jeez, take a vacation day already, will ya lady?

Whether Miss Sidley’s concerns could be true lies in the mind and actions of young Robert (Lyndaker), an otherwise quiet child who sits in the front of the class and is at times MORE than happy to reveal his true self, in both the psychological and physical aspects – when I tell you this kid is creepy, you’d better believe the words I’m typin! What eventually leads to a series of “holy shit!” moments all adds up to a fun 20+-minute short that will entertain any picky viewer. Norman has already proven himself to be an excellent conveyor of stories, and this quickie is no exception. Excessively fun to watch, and with stellar performances by both Bobby and Lyndaker, this one’s a winner for sure in my VERY short book. Give it a watch if it makes it your way to the back of the class.

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