Bridge Partner, The (Short, 2015)


TheBridgePartner 203x300 - Bridge Partner, The (Short, 2015)Starring Sharon Lawrence, Beth Grant, Robert Forster

Directed by Gabriel Olsen

Sometimes, it’s not what you hear, but what you THINK you hear that scares you most, and in the case of Gabriel Olsen’s mysterious short The Bridge Partner, a mistaken threat could prove to be deadly for one unlucky woman.

Beth Grant heads this quickie as a shy, reclusive soul who is joining a local Bridge-playing group, and after getting passed over for a partner like the fat kid who used to get picked last in gym class, she figures she won’t be able to partake in one of her favorite hobbies. That is, until a mysterious woman (Lawrence) teeters in on her blue-soled stilettos and gets paired up with our bashful little lamb.

After one game in particular, our timid little housewife SWEARS that she hears her new partner threaten to kill her, via a church-mouse quiet tone whispered ever-so-gently into her ear. This simple action results in the paranoiac-styled thinking that will carry the viewer through the remainder of this quickie, and I’m being blatantly honest when I tell you that if you don’t fall asleep before it’s over, then you’ve just earned yourself a gold star.

Not that the performances are dull or drab, but it’s just that the penchant for riveting depictions simply doesn’t exist – woman threatened (or so she thinks), woman now frightened, woman learns the truth – facile, straightforward, and unfortunately boring to an extent. If you’re up for a “misdirection-like” mysterious thriller of a short, then I suppose you could partake, but if you’re looking to be glued to your seat, then you’d better sit out this hand.

  • Film
User Rating 2.89 (9 votes)


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