Tickle (Short)


TickleStarring Casey Turner, Andrew Lyndaker, Sean Carmichael

Directed by Corey Norman

Ah, the stories some people tell in order to keep the little children tucked safely in their beds… regardless of whether or not you’re going to potentially scar them for life – as long as they stay in bed, right?

I recently had the opportunity of speaking with Corey Norman from Bonfire Films, and he was only too happy to hand this little gem called Tickle off to me for review, and after viewing it, I can happily say that this quickie is a winner for sure.

Set against a quiet night for a babysitter (Turner) who’s sending her little charge (Lyndaker) off to bed for the night, she tells him the story of the troll named Tick Tack (no, not the breath mint) and his fondness for feet that aren’t covered up while people are in bed. He strolls in for a tickle, and if you’re not ticklish, then he’s taking your piggies with him… sort of an otherworldly foot-fetishist.

Honestly, Jordan did a fantastic job of giving off the whole “dark eerie night” atmosphere – big house with the lone babysitter and all that good stuff, and this shortie even comes complete with a nice puddle of gore to tightly wrap up this cursory bit of celluloid. In the end I can only recommend this one to the lovers of to-the-point scary fun – definitely worth a watch if you have the opportunity.

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User Rating 3.35 (17 votes)


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