Hades (Short)


HadesStarring Anna Heidegger, Cris Kotzen, Iman Rezai

Directed by Kevin Kopacka

Ripe with Argento-like imagery, Kevin Kopacka’s Hades makes you think twice about closing your peepers for a long night of sleep, for not even Freddy Krueger himself would want to carouse around in this dream-world.

Coming in around the 15-minute mark, this hyper-chromatic delve into a woman’s never-ending nightmare is oddly transfixing – with no dialogue to speak of, the scenery takes on the bulk of the work here in telling the tale. Trapped in a surreal existence where she must cross the five rivers of Hades, a young woman (Heidegger) experiences multiple frightening images that are enhanced greatly by the chilling scenery surrounding her.

In order to make sense of her relationship with her love, each corresponding river must be crossed, and it’s really a treat visually to check out. If you’re a fan of Italian-styled horror representation, I can only recommend this trip across the rivers to give it a look – you won’t be disappointed.

  • Film
User Rating 3.79 (14 votes)


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