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The Brighton Asylum and Tunnel, located approximately two hours from Scranton, has quickly become one of our most anticipated visits each haunt season. Like other successful haunted attractions, the management, staff and actors of this attraction are entirely committed to providing an incredible show each year, utilizing feedback and honest reviews to improve the attractions experience. When we first visited Brighton Asylum two years ago, we found the attraction to be rather generic, somewhat quick and lacking in multiple areas although there was potential. What has occurred over the past two years is nothing short of incredible. The staff and management of the Brighton Asylum have transformed this haunt into one of the must see attractions for the 2015 season. From incredible, innovative off-season attractions to an entirely new experience this attraction is of the highest quality. The Brighton Asylum is interactive, it’s dark, it boasts incredible set designs, and actors who do a phenomenal job of interacting with each guest who enters the attraction. The attraction has been almost entirely changed, and upgrade for the 2015 season, adding a new attraction “The Tunnel” and a multitude of new set pieces, rooms and other unique, innovative experiences that you may not encounter in traditional haunted attractions.

The Brighton Asylum should be on your list this year, and another incredible walk-through haunt The Haunted Scarehouse is within driving distance if you decide to travel. The attraction also includes two “Escape Room” experiences which challenge guests to solve puzzles to help some of the “inmates” of the asylum. These escape rooms are challenging, add pressure to those who must solve the puzzles and are an entertaining addition to the haunted attraction experience. The asylum is also extremely popular, set near New York City, and we suggest you purchase tickets online, or an “RIP” pass. Visit the Brighton Asylum this year and its off-season attractions. The level of design, creativity and talent found at this attraction is some of the very best in the industry. Brighton Asylum is one of the best walk-through haunted attractions you can visit for the 2015 haunt season! Please note this attraction is also quickly becoming one of the most popular in the tristate area. Your experience may differ depending on the night, and number of guests at this haunted attraction. The staff and management of this attraction are committed to providing a quality, interactive haunted attraction experience for every guest who visits this year, and continues to upgrade the attraction on a yearly basis. If you are not a fan of long que lines we strongly suggest you upgrade to a VIP ticket.

The Brighton Asylum, set in an industrial complex in Passaic New Jersey, is an indoor walk-through attraction featuring two separate walk-throughs “The Tunnel” which is new for 2015 and the “Brighton Asylum”, which is totally enhanced and revamped for the 2015 season. The attraction is longer, more interactive and intense than ever. The attraction while separated into two “haunts” is essentially connected, guests must enter into the new “Tunnel” attraction prior to entering into the Brighton Asylum.

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The Tunnel

The “Tunnel” is a new addition to the Brighton Asylum this year. Guests enter into an elevator, featuring a creepy zombie bell-hop, who gets uncomfortably close and make their way to the corridors of this new attraction. The “Tunnel”, like the Brighton Asylum again features detailed set designs, and a creepy maze like atmosphere in which guests must decide how to escape the attraction. Of the two attractions, the Tunnel had some minor issues. Minor line back-up, and actors who were out of place prevented us from experiencing each scene play out and this is also possible due to the pace of the groups in front of us. Again, the set designs, and atmosphere of the “abandoned” tunnel is of the highest quality, and for a new first year attraction it is extremely well done. It is difficult to judge the “Tunnel” attraction after going through the “Brighton Asylum” because the massive changes and improvements made to it blew us away. The “Tunnel” is a perfect set-up for the actual Brighton Asylum, which blew away our expectations this year. With the major changes, and enhancements made to the Brighton Asylum attraction, we are excited to see what they have planned as it continues to grow!


Brighton Asylum

The “Brighton Asylum” attraction is one of our favorite walk-through attractions of all time. The attraction is essentially entirely new for the 2015 haunt season, features some of the very best set designs, special effects and unique interactive rooms in any haunted attraction. The quality of set designs, lighting and audio effects are topnotch and disorientate guests as they transverse the halls of the “Brighton Asylum”. The unique, innovative set designs of the attraction add to the scares, and the actors who are not allowed to “touch” guests on regular evenings do a phenomenal job of interacting with guests, as well as hiding in the unexpected places. These actors are insane; they hang from sets, jump from planks, make off-color jokes with guests, and play their roles phenomenally. The quality of acting coupled with high-tech, detailed set designs make this attraction something special.

One of our previous gripes was lack of continuity found in the actual asylum. Some of the larger scenes/sets did not really fit the theme of an abandoned asylum. This has been addressed, as each scene makes “sense” and is connected. From a trip through the abandoned “isolation ward” to a visit with a demented cooimages 2 - Brighton Asylum 2015 Reviewk, each scene is engaging, spares no expense regarding the level of design and is filled with talented, aggressive, and at times hilarious actors. Without spoiling the attraction, “Brighton Asylum” utilizes interactive set design at a level that is beyond most attractions. Guests will have to duck, walk across “unstable” bridges, crawl, escape a ball-pit (an experience that has to be completed to believe), and slide into the waiting arms of one of a maniac in one of the best haunted attraction finales. The “Brighton Asylum” is longer, and improved in every way, and a spectacle to see. Despite massive crowds the attraction manages crowds to prevent guests from backing up or running into other groups. While this may occur depending on the pace of each guest, we did not run into any other group as we made it through the attraction. Actors were always in place, and utilized their talents to prevent guests from rushing through each scene. You will want to experience each scene in its entirety and each corridor features action and surprises that scare, and challenge guests to escape the Brighton Asylum.

Final Word

The Brighton Asylum & Tunnel attraction is one of the best walk-through attractions we have ever visited. This attraction pours its heart, money, sweat and tears into improving its quality every single year and has outdone itself for the 2015 haunt season. This attraction is mature, it’s aggressive, it features some of the best actors and finest set designs of any haunted attraction. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for this year’s off-season haunts, featuring evil Santa’s and Valentine’s Day themes. If you can travel, get to the Brighton Asylum & Tunnel this year. We love the Brighton Asylum & Tunnel, have great appreciation for the tireless work of the management and staff and commitment to providing a unique, movie-quality haunted attraction experience.




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