When Your Flesh Screams (2015)

When Your Flesh Screams 211x300 - When Your Flesh Screams (2015)Starring Victoria Witemburg, Andres Mazzoni, Oscar Molinari

Directed by Guillermo Martinez

With an unapologetic display and seriously disturbing imagery, director Guillermo Martinez’s rape/revenge shocker When Your Flesh Screams will repulse some souls cut of a softer cloth but will annoy others with its derivative construction and presentation.

Martina (Witemburg) is the embattled female lead in this film, and her undoing is brought on by her curiosity for researching rare plants, and when she is accosted by three overly horny psychos, the following instances are purely deplorable to bear witness to. Martina is beaten, raped (during an unsettling 8-minute stretch), and left for dead (presumably so). The games these nutcases play with the helpless woman only set the pace for what will be done to her, and their physical actions carry on, over and over again – it’s tiring, uninspiring, and has all the look and feel of a “Hey, look at how much more hostile I can make a situation!” exhibition. Believe me when I tell you, if you’ve seen Last House on the Left or I Spit on Your Grave, then you’ve seen what is to be offered here, but only on a more stretched out scale. The only plus that I can offer is that of the performance by Witemburg – to put up with all the emotional trauma, whether an amateur actress or not, is pretty inspiring.

As I’m sure you all can surmise, revenge is on the menu here, and after a short recuperation period, Martina unleashes her own special brand of vengeance upon her attackers, and while somewhat rewarding to eyewitness, it simply doesn’t hold any creative water or present anything sterling in appearance. The relative shortness of this review is merely a reflection of how disinterested I grew in this film as it rolled along – I’m simply not a fan of such barbaric violence portrayed upon women, especially when it’s presented in such a fashion that looks to try to trump some other films before it. I usually don’t compel people to bypass a film, but do yourselves a favor, and skip this lame offering if it slithers in your direction.

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Written by Matt Boiselle

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