Repossessed (DVD)


repossessed - Repossessed (DVD)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Starring Leslie Nielsen, Linda Blair, Ned Beatty, Anthony Starke

Directed by Bob Logan

Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

The Exorcist is a classic film through and through. It stands as not only one of the best horror films of all time, but as one of the best damned films period! When Leslie Nielsen was at the height of his popularity in the early Nineties, no film was safe from a good old fashion slapstick laced mocking. Not even the tale of a demon defiling a little girl.

In Repossessed Nielsen plays Father Jebedaiah Mayii, a retired priest who is no stranger to doing battle with the dark one. His last fight over the soul of little Nancy Aglet damn near killed him. Hence his holy sabbatical. Years have passed since that incident, and Nancy (Blair) is now all grown up with a family of her own. There’s just one hitch — the demon comes back, and before you know it Aglet is once again spitting pea soup and spinning her head like a top. Will Mayii return to save her once again, or will he leave her in the hands of an inexperienced young priest and some goofball televangelists who think this is all a stunt?

repossessed1 - Repossessed (DVD)Sound good? No? Well then, consider yourself one of the few people on this planet with a brain because it is not. In fact it is garbage. The jokes are not funny, the script overall isn’t even slightly entertaining, the sight gags don’t work, and everyone involved should be thoroughly embarrassed. It really doesn’t get much worse than this. Phoned in and shit out, this type of drivel could have only been expelled from the burning bowels of the demon Pazuzu himself.

The only special features to be found here, unless you consider scene selection special, are a subtitle trivia track that’s just about as lacking as everything else associated with this movie and a trailer. Insert biting, spite-laced sarcasm and hatred here –> What?!? No commentary?

Released as part of Lionsgate’s “The Lost Collection”, this is a flick that should have stayed buried. I remembered it being bad back then, but nothing could have prepared me for how truly awful it was seeing it through much older eyes. Wow. Just wow. Avoid this like you would a proposed escort with an itchy groin.

Special Features

  • Trivia track
  • Trailer

    mobF - Repossessed (DVD)

    1 out of 5

    Special Features:
    mobF - Repossessed (DVD)

    1 out of 5

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