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Silent Night, Deadly Podcast: EP8 – ELVES (1989)

You asked for it, Billy Peltzer asked for it, Jack Frost asked for it, and now Dread Central is proud to present the year-round Christmas horror podcast you’ve long been waiting for…Silent Night, Deadly Podcast! Chris, Kieran, Matt, and Rob – collectively known as “The Jingle Boys” to their friends and “The Christmas Horribles” to Rob’s wife – are prepared to take you on one demented journey through a winter wonderland of the best and worst tinsel terror the big (and small) screen has to offer.

In this week’s episode, the Jingle Boys tackle a film that may not understand pluralization but sure knows how to keep things hella weird. 1989’s Elves lives on in video vortex infamy without any reputable home release, just begging for a Vinegar Syndrome remaster (and when that happens, you know who to call for the commentary). It’s a story of underworld minions, Nazi’s, department store Santas, incest, pervy little brothers, sacrificial impregnation, and Dan Haggerty’s quest for a paycheck! You aren’t ready for Elves, nor should you be.

One of the Jingle Boys dubs Jeffrey Mandel’s cinema oddity a trashterpiece classic, so you know there’s going to be some arguing. One man’s book of elf-summoning spells is another’s ticket to creating the master race, which is the least weird aspect about Elves. We’ve barely even scratched the surface. Tune in to find out who’d get dragged to Hell by these killer knee-high creatures. Or, more appropriately, the single one that appears.

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Written by Matt Donato

Matt is an NYC internet scribe who spends his post-work hours geeking over cinema instead of sleeping like a normal human. He seems like a pretty cool guy, but don't feed him after midnight just to be safe (beers are allowed/encouraged).

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