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Horrible Imaginings Podcast 186: 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival Genre Fan Highlights




Us horror fans know that we love a stigmatized genre. We have felt the chastisement of those around us for this love. But we also rest well on the knowledge that horror is embedded in the history of human storytelling. It is of utmost importance, and that any contempt thrown our way is born of fear and misunderstanding. The truth is that the art of cinema, be it horror or otherwise, yields some awesome and sometimes uncomfortable truths about ourselves. That is the strength of the art of film, and why I think a steady diet of all kinds of films is important.

Equally important is knowing our roots, which in movie terms means becoming familiar with the history of movies. It is why I am such a fanatic for classic films and why I spend a week out of every year gleefully consuming the magic on screen at the Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival. One of the things I love about TCM is that the curators of this festival understand the importance of cult and genre cinema to the art of cinema at large, so there are always some delicious options for genre fans. So many, in fact, that I was unable to see everything that was offered. Some of these were more traditionally thought of as horror films, and some are horror adjacent cult or psychedelic films, noirs, thrillers, or crime films. You will hear parts introductions from the likes of Simon Pegg, John Carpenter, and Mario Van Peebles. This podcast is going to highlight some of my favorite moments.

Give it a listen to hear about some great times, some great films, and get some great clips from some great film lovers! I hope to see you there next year!

As an added bonus, check out this interview with Simon Pegg from the festival:

In other news, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival was just added to Movie Maker Magazine’s 2018 List of Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee! You can submit your film to us now, only on Film Freeway!

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