Evil Papercraft to Alleviate the Winter Blues!


So it’s Christmas … sorry Winter … Break for anyone who’s still pursing some form of higher education, and if I remember much about those days (which I don’t), it’s that you spend a lot of time indoors. Especially if you’re on the East Coat or in the Midwest. It’s freaking cold out there. So here’s something you can do to pass the time that’s far more evil than needlepoint!

Papercraft! To those uninitiated, papercraft is a wildly popular art form that sees people with varying degrees of skill and free time creating their favorite iconic characters from paper in 3D!

On your right you can see an example done by artist Jack Hankins, who pulled off a damn fine looking Krueger-esque creation. Hankins has a lot more on his site Horrorwood, and the best part is you can download the templates for many of them so most of the design work is already done for you!

Check out the Horrorwood site to see them all, and get creating. Think of how impressed your friends/co-workers/school chums will be when they see your new talent!

Johnny Butane

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