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Introducing The Dead Outside



The Dead Outside!In horror these days, there are two types of indies: movies you can tell were made on the very definition of a “shoestring budget” that are usually riddled with effects and performances so bad you can’t help but smile, and movies made by those who either had more money or just knew how to use it better along with a serious story to tell. The Dead Outside looks to, refreshingly, be of the latter category. Dig some plot:

It is 6 months after a mysterious neurological disorder lead to a sudden and catastrophic collapse of the population. A botched anti-viral program turned millions of people into carriers, leaving terrified survivors to wander alone- confused, paranoid and violent. Daniel, a man broken and bereaved sets out in hope of building a new life, and takes shelter in a crudely fortified farm in the Scottish countryside. With evidence of recent life, and the unmistakable stench of death near by, something is not quite right with Braehead Farm. When unexpected company arrives in the form of a mysterious 16-year-old girl who claims the farm to be her own, Daniel is plunged into spiral of paranoia and self-doubt. It’s clear that the mysteries surrounding the farm and its young inhabitant run far deeper than meets the eye, and in a desperate world, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

With a title like that I bet you were expecting yet another zombie movie, weren’t you? I know I was pleasantly surprised when I found out otherwise. The Dead Outside recently took home Special Jury Mention in the Best Feature category at the Trieste International Film Festival in Italy, which is only the first of its many planned festival stops during 2009.

You can learn more about the film at the official Dead Outside site and keep it here for updates on the project as well as Arthropoda, the next feature director Kerry Anne Mullaney and producer/co-writer Kris R. Bird have planned!

Johnny Butane

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