Corman’s Cyclops Eyes Release Dates


cyclops - Corman's Cyclops Eyes Release DatesRoger Corman’s about to add a new monstrosity to his ever-growing menagerie of creature features: Cyclops. The Corman-produced sword & sandal, one-eyed monster romp – that claims to boast a $10-million budget – now has both a TV airdate and DVD release date.

Cyclops is set in ancient Rome where the title monster is captured by an arrogant Roman soldier named Marcus (Broadway and TV actor Kevin Stapleton) who then brings the beast back to the cruel and corrupt Emperor Tiberius (the guaranteed to be hammy Eric Roberts). The tyrannical emperor then forces Marcus to fight in the gladiatorial arena against the Cyclops with the assistance of a beautiful barbarian (Wraiths of Roanoke‘s Frida Ferrell). Once Marcus learns what it means to be a hero and the Cyclops’ essential humanity is revealed, man and monster join forces to bring an end to the emperor’s brutal reign.

Sitting in the director’s throne is Declan O’Brien; he of the Sci-Fi Channel original movies “>Rock Monster (review) and “>Monster Ark (review). O’Brien also just finished directing duties on Wrong Turn 3.

Cyclops will premiere (SURPRISE!) on the Sci-Fi Channel on Saturday, December 5th at 9/8 Central. Oh, like you didn’t see that coming. If you prefer your monster movies uncut and uninterrupted, Starz/Anchor Bay has Cyclops slated for a February 24th DVD release.

A short teaser trailer lives on Roger Corman’s MySpace page, but you can check it out below.. Looks like a perfectly fine B-movie to me. But as for those boasts of a $10 million budget, I’m thinking ol’ Roger might be pulling a fast one on us.

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