Indie Video Game Report: Over 9,000 Zombies


The Indie Video Game Report is a series where I take the time to delve the crags and crevices of the indie game market to bring you the down low on the most promising/disastrous indie titles.

Having a meme in your title doesn’t make you look cool, game, it just makes you seem desperate. I wouldn’t have normally given this game any thought, but when someone sends something to me for free, I feel an obligation to at least give it a shot. I have a distaste for charging for Flash games, and looking at my Real Horror Stories review you can see that price isn’t really a factor in my judgement. Still, this game is $10, which strikes me as way too much for what you can essentially play on Newgrounds for free.

The game is a top down zombie horde game. Zombies will swarm, and you will circle strafe and shoot guns at them until they all fall down and the next wave spawns. As you get kills, you gain experience for your gun, which unlocks other guns when you get the experience bar full. There are branching gun paths, providing some kind of objective to complete, but mostly serves to lengthen gameplay.

You can make turrets and makeshift bunkers by collecting scrap, but in my experience this was relatively useless as barricade are easily knocked down and you have to run around to collect scrap anyways. Maybe I am missing something by playing by myself, as the game promotes playing with a friend and using the custom map editor, but none of my friends could be assed to actually give the free copy I was sending them a shot. I can’t see the game being significantly more enjoyable with a friend, since the gameplay is still hold trigger and wait.

To be honest, I payed the game twice. The first run I got to wave 3, and saw that some of the zombies now shot fireballs. I started the second run, saw that my progress doesn’t save across lives, sighed, and held down the strafe and kill buttons until I died again at wave 4. At this point, I figured the game had maybe a fast zombie, exploding zombie, large zombie, and maybe a flying zombie in store for me, and decided to call it a day. Games like this are the exact reason I write this segment; it isn’t robust enough to be reviewed as a real title, but it is shitty enough to be worth warning away from. Maybe you will like this game if you always wanted to play Newgrounds with a friend, but I personally couldn’t even be bothered to hate this game. I just don’t care at all about it. It is so not what I am looking for, that I just can’t be bothered to write even a full page on it.

Over 9000 Zombies



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