Rights Dispute Hits Re-Animator, Hack/Slash Comic!


HackSlash16As - Rights Dispute Hits Re-Animator, Hack/Slash Comic!A press release rolled in today with some rather odd news regarding Hack/Slash‘s current storyline involving Herbert West, the Re-Animator. It seems a newly formed company called Re-Animator LLC has filed a Cease and Desist letter with the comic’s distributor, Diamond Comic Distributors.

Filmmaker Brain Yuzna made it clear that stupidity was afoot, “Devil’s Due have done a fantastic job of keeping the spirit of the Re-Animator films alive in the Hack/Slash cross-over. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with such a talented crew. And I am proud to be working with them after the admirable stand they have taken in the face of economic coercion. This company exemplifies the independent spirit of the genre film and comics community. It may seem crazy to Re-Animator fans to think that a company that had nothing to do with the classic films could actually claim ownership of the “Re-Animator” brand and threaten to stop anyone else from creating comics, films or merchandise with the word ‘reanimator’ or ‘re-animator’ in it – even the actual producer of the films that created the brand – but in this wacky world that is exactly what has happened.

Can you still get Hack/Slash 15, 16 and 17? Hell, yes, and the alternate cover art is still available too! Just visit Devil’s Due and order directly!

HackSlash16Bs - Rights Dispute Hits Re-Animator, Hack/Slash Comic!HackSlash17As - Rights Dispute Hits Re-Animator, Hack/Slash Comic!HackSlash17Bs - Rights Dispute Hits Re-Animator, Hack/Slash Comic!


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