Massive Brainjacked Update!


Get Brainjacked!We recently heard from our buddies Andy and Andrew of The Film Ranch, and they let us know that their most recenty feature, “>Brainjacked (“>set visit), is deep in post-production. What does that mean? Updates and hopefully videos will be popping up more frequently.

On top of that news, the flick’s MySpace page has been updated and a more fleshed out synopsis of the plot is now available:

Brainjacked is a horror-fi feature about Tristan, a teenage runaway who finds himself out on the streets…no home, no family, no future. He’s also out of medicine that relieves his crushing migraine headaches. But there is a cure…

Enter Dr. Karas, renown neurosurgeon who prescribes trepanation – drilling a hole in a human head to relieve pressure.

Sounds crazy, right? Tristan thinks so. But, trepanation is part of Dr. Karas’ rehab program and the price of admission if Tristan wants to be accepted into The Garden, Dr. Karas’ home for runaways.

So, he gets his head drilled. And, it’s damn bloody.

Post surgery, Tristan’s life immediately starts to rebound. He has a home in The Garden…he makes new friends in the other runaways including Laney, the beautiful girl who brought him to the doctor…he’s even hooked up with a college scholarship and a bank account. Nice! The hole in the head is paying off.

Then everything goes black.

The runaways call it ‘blanking’. A mental blackout. With no memory of what occurs. Why is it happening to Tristan? What horrible things does it make him do?

Tampa residents will have an opportunity to catch Brainjacked‘s premiere sometime later this year, and in October it will be appearing at AFM. International rights for the movie are also available via Paul White at CineSales.


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