Writer Talks Costner Monster Movie New Daughter


newdaughtersmall - Writer Talks Costner Monster Movie New DaughterWe’ve been very lax on getting you guys any updates about the upcoming thriller “>The New Daughter, mainly because every time I see a pic from it with Kevin Costner looking off into the distance, I get flashbacks of The Postman and have to curl up into a ball for an hour or so. Not very productive, that.

John Travis, who scripted The New Daughter, talked to Fangoria recently about his thoughts on the film, and it inspired me to move past my hang-ups and start talking about it again. For those unsure, Costner plays a father who relocates his daughter (Pan’s Labyrinth starlet Ivana Baquero) and son to a farm in South Carolina. Once there, a mysterious mound that the father believes to be an Indian burial mound is discovered on the property, the source of which turns out to be much worse than any of them imagined.

”It actually becomes a monster movie,” Travis revealed. ”It looks incredible. I’ve only seen the footage shown at Cannes, but it just looks phenomenal. I can’t wait to see it.” He goes on to say that he hopes New Daughter will be a hard R when all is said and done.

The New Daughter is based on a short story by John Connolly, author of Bad Men, which, you may recall, is being made into the movie Sanctuary that will be John Stockwell’s follow-up to Turistas. Six degrees, baby. The New Daughter is set for release on March 5th, 2009.

Johnny Butane

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