UPDATE: Bryan Loves Dark Delicacies


And we love the movie!UPDATE: BLY director Seth Landau got us up-to-speed on the revised guest list for the Dark Delicacies signing. Dan Roebuck is out, but in his place comes Jeff Dylan Graham. Jeff has appeared in a number of horror pictures aside from BLY, including 100 Tears and Beyond the Dunwich Horror.

In another interesting turn of events, Seth informed us that some actual cult members from the real life Bryan Loves You incident will be on-hand to “monitor” the happenings. This is to guarantee that the cast and crew can go about their business unharmed. Weird, eh?

“>Bryan Loves You may be based on true events from the early ’90s, but the stuff that went on to get this film made is just a bit more odd. Who knew that a film about some dark cult activities in Phoenix could lead to fake casting calls, threatening videos and theft of footage?

But that is all over now, and Bryan Loves You is finally on its way to store shelves on September 30th (pre-order here). For those of you in or around Burbank, the flick will be available a few days early thanks to a DVD signing at Dark Delicacies!

Those scheduled to appear at Dark Delicacies on September 23rd include Seth Landau and actors Tony Todd, Daniel Roebuck, Brink Stevens, Lloyd Kaufman, Chuck Williams, Daniel Schweiger, Jimmy O and more! That’s one hell of a turnout, and it is well deserved after all the BLY crew went through.

Dark Delicacies is located at 4213 West Burbank Blvd. in Burbank. See you there at 7:00 PM sharp!


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