Furno, Michael & Wilbur, Dave (Minions of Ka)


Minions of Ka!Back at Rock and Shock 2007, some old friends of ours from back in the Dark Days hooked up with us again, wanting to work with us on a very ambitious set of projects celebrating the undead: the graphic novel Minions of Ka and the online game/social network Project Outbreak: Track the Strain.com.

At the time we were, of course, excited, but since we’ve been involved with so many projects that never came to fruition, we were a bit gun-shy as well. Turns out it was unfounded because Minions of Ka is debuting at this weekend’s Dragon*Con in Atlanta, and Track the Strain.com is live and in charge!

So what’s it all about? Instead of trying to explain it all myself, I sat down with co-creator/writer Mike Furno and co-creator/editor Dave Wilbur to find out. Dig on the results below! Don’t forget to read our exclusive story from Jack Ketchum set in the Minions of Ka universe, “>“The Western Dead”, while you’re at it!


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