Ruggero on Cannibals, Natas


ruggero - Ruggero on Cannibals, NatasRuggero Deodato has been all over the place in the last year or so, showing up at convention after convention to be hounded by fans of Cannibal Holocaust. Only recently did he start talking about directing again, a Holocaust companion piece called simply Cannibals, which he gave an update on this weekend.

After his appearance at Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear, Deodato told STYD that Cannibals is on hold because of producer issues. ”After the Cannes Film Festival the producer wanted to cut several parts just to save money,” the director explained, “but I don’t want to do the movie without these parts. I won’t do it unless I get them in there. We’ll be talking with the producer at the end of the summer.”

In other directing news, Deodato told the FoF crowd that he will be taking part in an Italian anthology similar to Masters of Horror. He, Sergio Stivaletti, Lamberto Bava, and the Manetti Brothers will be contributing films. Deodato’s is called “Natas” (“Satan” backwards) and is about two girls who kill one of their friends. ”I’m the only one shooting something more realistic. The others are more splatter,” he told the crowd.

Stay tuned for more on “Natas” and Cannibals as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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