A Double Feature of Creature Feature Trailers


Reptisaurus art!It was back in “>early February that I first reported on Reptisaurus, a low budget creature feature loosely based on an old Charlton Comics’ comic book title from the early 1960’s. The movie from director Chris Ray (son of Fred Olen Ray) and co-starring former TV “Buck Rogers” Gil Gerard tells the simple tale of a group of soldiers on an island that find themselves at the mercy of a flying reptilian monster. Nothing fancy; just old fashioned Saturday afternoon matinee monster movie mayhem.

In addition to new promotional artwork, the first trailer for Reptisaurus has appeared online, and I must say, for a very low budget giant monster movie, this doesn’t look too shabby. Give it a look. Yeah, the CGI is far from perfect, and it definitely has the earmarks of a direct-to-video B-movie, but color me optimistic anyway. Hey, if you’re a fan of creature features like I am, you could do a lot worse – usually any given Saturday night on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Monster Movie art!And then there’s Monster Movie, a Cloverfield spoof from the no-budget schlockmeisters Mark and John Polonia. Four friends head into the woods filming a home movie, notice something moving in a lake, and soon find themselves at the mercy of reptilian monsters (or reptilian monster hand puppets from the looks of things).

Admittedly, my dealings with past Polonia Brothers movies have left me anything but happy. But looking at the decidedly goofy trailer for this, the last movie that’ll carry the Polonia Brothers credit – John Polonia tragically passed away this past February – it looks like it could be cheap, silly fun. Maybe it’s because the sight of what looks like a reptilian hippo running amok amuses me so, or maybe it’s because having suffered through The Asylum’s Cloverfield mockbuster Monster, I know deep down there is no possible way Monster Movie could be worse, but I do find myself looking forward to the Polonia Brothers’ swan song.

I won’t have too long to wait. Fat Cat DVD will release Monster Movie on September 16th. The DVD will include an audio commentary track by the filmmakers, a tribute to the late John Polonia, deleted scenes, assorted trailers, and a featurette titled “How to Make a Monster Movie”.

Now if only a new trailer for that X From Outer Space remake would surface already!

The Foywonder

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