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Sandler Takes a Shortcut to Horror



adamsandler - Sandler Takes  a Shortcut to HorrorI like that Adam Sandler is back from whatever weird hiatus he was on and making movies again. I know many find him annoying and obnoxious (I do as well most of the time), but his new flick looks like it has some potential, and now he’s making his way into our genre, a move that should be interesting to say the least.

Don’t worry; Sandler’s not starring in a horror movie. Rather he’s getting ready to start a genre label imprint of his production company Happy Madison called, simply enough, Scary Madison. The inaugural film is called Shortcut with Shannon Woodward (The Comebacks), Andrew Seeley (Soulmates) and Dave Franco (Bad Meat) set to star, according to THR.

Shortcut is about two brothers in a new town who discover a rarely used shortcut and decide to take it. Never a good idea, and soon the siblings discover just why no one uses this particular route. I really hope it has nothing to do with a family of inbred cannibals…

The plan is to get Shortcut in theaters with production kicking into gear next month. We’ll keep our ears open and throw you more when we get it!

Johnny Butane

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