Praise-filled Dance of the Dead Art


Dance of the Dead!Another poster for Gregg Bishop’s upcoming teens vs. the undead flick, Dance of the Dead, showed up on IMP Awards today; and while it’s not as amusing as the last one, it certainly does heap on the praise!

Dance of the Dead follows a group of losers who can’t seem to find dates to the Prom. As was always the case in my fantasies back then, the dead decide to pick Prom Night to return to life and begin feasting on the living, leaving humanity’s last hope in the hands of some very awkward young adults.

I was usually the one with the chainsaw, by the way.

Dance had its premiere at this year’s South by Southwest and apparently bowled over at least four critics, if the poster is to be believed. We’re keeping an eye on it and will let you know when you will get a chance to check it out for yourselves. For now you can learn more by hitting the official Dance of the Dead site!

Johnny Butane

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