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Finally! A Cell Sequel!

cellpic1 - Finally! A Cell Sequel!Though I question its actual place in horror, the first Cell movie was weird enough to give it some standing within our genre, so if a sequel is being made, especially one without Jennifer Lopez, it’s worth a mention.

Video Business has an article up about all the direct-to-DVD sequels planned for 2008, among them Joy Ride: End of the Road and The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and makes mention of The Cell 2, which is apparently already in production with Frank Whaley (Vacancy) and Tessie Santiago starring. No word on what the plot will be about, but New Line VP of acquisitions Kevin Kasha told the site that it would “extend the franchise” that began with the 2000 original.

Franchise? Don’t you need more than one movie to start calling it that? We’ll be keeping one eye out there for more on The Cell 2, mainly because I want to see where they go with a sequel sans the principal cast of the first.

Johnny Butane

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