Lynch Back for Wrong Turn 3?

wt2lynch - Lynch Back for Wrong Turn 3?I guess if something works good for you once, as it did with Joe Lynch and Wrong Turn 2, there’s nothing wrong with thinking it might work again. So how’s about a Wrong Turn 3, Joe?

“We’re talking about it now, and obviously the writers’ strike is holding it up,” the outspoken director and recent guest on Dinner for Fiends told Bloody Good Horror in a recent interview. “There’s one idea in particular that I FUCKING LOVE that would answer all the questions that people have had in the past as to why people who survived the previous films didn’t say anything, and where are the cops in all of this. So it answers a lot of questions, it opens up the mythology a little more too which I really like.”

Of course, with the writers’ strike going on and things so tumultuous because of it, everything’s up in the air all over Hollywood. Considering that Wrong Turn 2 was the #1 direct-to-DVD in sales for about 5 weeks, though, I wouldn’t say the possibility of Wrong Turn 3 is what you’d call a far-out concept.

Check out the full interview for more Lynchian wisdom!

Johnny Butane

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Written by Johnny Butane

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