Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Tidbits; Alternate Ending and Watch Real Chimps Watch the Film!


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If you haven’t yet gone out to your local theater to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (review), we strongly encourage you to do so as it’s one hell of a kick-ass summer blockbuster. So what the hell are you waiting for, fool?!

On tap for you today are a couple of fun Dawn of the Planet of the Apes tidbits so let’s get right to it, shall we?

First up, /Film has just revealed details about a Dawn of the Planet of the Apes deleted scene, which would’ve ended the film on a different note.

Director Matt Reeves spilled the beans on the alternate ending in an interview with the site, and you’ll find his full explanation of the scene, and why he cut it, below. We encourage you to avoid reading the next paragraph if you’ve yet to see the film as it includes spoilers!

What was different about the ending was that after the ending that you see in the final film, the idea was that the apes went out on a kind of exodus through the city and they gathered on the Golden Gate Bridge in order to look into the distance for the approaching warships,” said Reeves. “And I felt that it was taking us too far into the next movie. And almost starting the next movie and not letting the emotion of what had just happened, of what Caesar had just achieved and… the price that he had paid. It wasn’t letting that resonate… but the final shot was actually in a way the very same final shot. It was actually him on top of the Golden Gate Bridge which was covered in apes, all looking out way, way into the distance and to see this really like messed up armada way in the distance showing up like… ships in disrepair. And it moved into his eyes as he took in the uncertain future.

It was kind of cool,” he continued, “but I realized that we had skipped too much of the emotion by doing that. And that it actually in a way boxed us in too much… also when we started showing this to people, some people are going, ‘Wait, so does that mean the battle…’ like I meant for those ships to be way in the distance and they hadn’t even seen the apes, ’cause obviously the apes weren’t gathering to begin the fight. The apes were gathering to look and see the fight that was coming toward them… but it was hard to render that idea. And when I showed it to some people they were like going, ‘So that’s it? They’re gonna start fighting right now?’ And I was like, ‘Well no…’ and I realized that we didn’t have the right ending. So actually that last beat, that is the last beat on Andy; this is actually kind of a cool thing too.

In another interesting tidbit that’s sure to put a smile on your face, ABC News reports that a safari park boss in South Carolina took two young chimps to the theater to see the movie, where they munched on popcorn and sipped sodas.

Most amazingly, the two-year-old chimps appeared to actually pay attention to and follow along with the movie and even picked out which characters were good and which were bad. Over 1,000 humans were in attendance at the same showing, with many of them expressing fears about the chimps learning world-dominating skills from the film. Most, however, basked in the awesomeness of the unique experience.

Check out video footage of the chimps watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes below, which is about as adorable as life gets!

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