Currie, Andrew (Fido)

Though Fido (DVD review) has been out on DVD here in the States for a few weeks now, that’s no reason to stop talking about it because I still don’t think you guys get what a cool movie you’re missing out on if you’ve not picked it up yet.

Set in an alternate 1950’s America, this blend of action, comedy, horror and (believe it or not) family drama is one of the most original and hard to describe films that has come out in recent memory. So though it was a bit late in the game, when I was offered a chance to speak with Fido director Andrew Currie recently, I jumped at the chance.

I think you’ll enjoy the results, so get clicking below!

andrewcurieint - Currie, Andrew (Fido)
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    Written by Johnny Butane

    Davis, Mitch (Fantasia 2008)