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zombiesofthelivingdeadss - Zombies of the Living Dead to Shamble ForthIn this day and age anyone can make a zombie movie. The trouble is not everyone can make a good zombie movie. Indie filmmaker Christian Ackerman is readying his next stab at the zombie comedy subgenre with his new flick Zombies of the Living Dead.

We’ll say this about what we’ve seen thus far… what this flick lacks in budget it makes up for in enthusiasm. Check it out!

Ackerman also stars alongside Cheyenne Adamson, Johanna Ciampa, Josh Meny, and Spencer Tredik.

Zombies attack the town of Clear Water in Hamilton County, and the locals must try to stop them before it is too late. Filled with great zombie monster special effects and exploding heads, action-packed, and lots of crazy fun, comes a horror film from creator Christian Ackerman.

zombiesofthelivingdead - Zombies of the Living Dead to Shamble Forth

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Written by Steve Barton

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