‘Amanda the Adventurer 2’: First Playable Demo Is Available Now

Amanda The Adventurer

Exactly one month after developer MANGLEDmaw Games and publisher DreadXP announced the first playable demo of Amanda the Adventurer 2, this sequel to the horror phenomenon is ready to play as part of Steam Next Fest starting today. The new demo is available now, boasting an unsettling experience that fans will discuss and dissect for months to come.

Read the sequel’s full synopsis below:

Amanda the Adventurer 2 follows Riley Park, who, after seeing what was contained on the mysterious tapes in their attic, travels to the Kensdale Public Library to investigate further. Upon arriving, they’re greeted by a masked figure who claims to have known their Aunt Kate before she died, and needs their help finding something Aunt Kate had left in the library. They also warn of a powerful entity that seems to be drawn to the tapes.

Meanwhile, Amanda is now aware of Riley’s presence and is doing everything to find a way to free herself. Suddenly, the stakes are higher than ever before, as it’s not just Amanda looking for Riley now…

Watch the teaser:

Amanda The Adventurer 2 will include:

  • Interactive cartoons return! Talk directly to Amanda like before, but now your input has a bigger effect on her world.
  • New interaction type: GET UP! Go out and explore the environment to find something Amanda asks for, or don’t! See how she responds!
  • New Area: Kensdale Public Library – You’re not at Aunt Kate’s anymore! Explore a bigger environment with even more secrets and lore to find!
  • New Friends! Neither Riley nor Amanda will be alone on their adventures with friends by their side!
  • Dig even deeper into the story of Amanda, Riley, and Aunt Kate, and the sinister production of Amanda the Adventurer to unfold a horrifying history.

Amanda the Adventurer 2 is currently slated for a 2024 release on PC. The playable demo is available starting today and will be available on Steam for the foreseeable future. You can also wishlist the game now on Steam.



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