‘Flathead’: DreadXP Announces XP Ultra With New Analog Horror Nightmare [Watch]


Solo developer, oxblud, and horror game publisher DreadXP are thrilled to announce that Flathead will launch on Steam on May 30, 2024. Flathead is a short, but replayable experience where players participate in a captivating game of Over or Under with the steepest consequences: win and gain your freedom, lose and forfeit your life.

Serving as the first title of DreadXP’s new XP Ultra initiative, Flathead is a small glimpse into the world of silkbulb test, another upcoming horror game from oxblud. Throughout the single-sitting sessions, players will use various tools and tricks to win enough points to buy their freedom all while a sense of impending doom perpetually looms in the darkness.

This bite-sized horror adventure showcases the type of titles the DreadXP team is looking to work with under XP Ultra. Created to carry on the spirit of Dread X Collections, XP Ultra aims to elevate smaller, shorter projects with publishing support not always available at an accessible scale. XP Ultra publishing support includes the same quality of marketing, PR, QA, production support, etc. available to other DreadXP titles, but scaled appropriately to the size of the project.

Flathead will feature:

  • Quick sessions with lots of replayability
  • Strategically use the tools at your disposal to slow the approaching terror
  • Earn and bank points to gain your freedom
  • High risk, high reward. Let it ride and gain multipliers to increase your winnings
  • Try your luck with the wheel of fate
  • Make your own luck to increase your odds and your doom
  • Unsettling atmosphere with growing tension
  • Gritty analog horror aesthetic

Flathead launches on Steam on May 30, 2024 for $1.99 USD / €1.99 EUR. Wishlist it now.



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