Jack Reher Adapting Sideshow for the Screen

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Jack Reher Adapting Sideshow for the ScreenThere’s a new circus rolling into town, and this one favors a big chop over the big top. As if food prices at such an event weren’t horrifying enough, Jack Reher will be doing his damnedest to bring some freaky terror from author William Ollie’s Sideshow to the screen.

Reher is the screenwriter behind the upcoming Red Machine, aka Endangered, starring Billy Bob Thornton, James Marsden, Piper Perabo, and Thomas Jane. His Wet House, to be produced by Zero Gravity and directed by Mukunda Michael Dewil, is in pre-production. Reher also just completed an adaptation of the 80s cult classic PIN. Most recently, Reher adapted Jon Bassoff’s highly acclaimed debut novel Corrosion for the screen, and it is currently out to directors.

Sideshow Book Synopsis
The smoke ring rose, higher and higher, changing shape as it went, until it disappeared into a cloud that moments ago had looked like the caboose of a train, a cloud that now began to change, to mold and meld, to twist and turn and take on the shape of the thing that had entered it. This thing, this dark entity, hung frozen in the sky, calling those chosen few out from their houses, their bars and their factories, calling them forth to face what waited in that dark and foreboding night.

Justin Henry didn’t believe his friend had seen a Ferris wheel rise up from the ground like a runaway vine. But he followed Mickey Reardon out to the overgrown field at the edge of their little country community anyway. Now two thirteen-year-old boys have seen something they shouldn’t have, witnessed something they couldn’t have, and neither of their lives will ever be the same again. The carnival is in town, a very different kind of carnival this year. One no one will be coming home from.


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