‘Crow Country’: Hotly Anticipated Retro-Inspired Game Gets Release Date

These days, the horror gaming landscape is flush with two things: games looking to recreate that Silent Hill P.T. feel of hallway horror and late 1990s horror. Thankfully, every once in a while, there comes one that pushes past inspiration and becomes evolutionary. This is precisely how Crow Country feels.

Earlier today, SFB, founded by brothers Tom and Adam Vian, who were responsible for Nintendo Switch co-op hit Snipperclips, announced that their retro evolution of horror Crow Country would be released on May 9th, 2024! They also announced that the game is also coming to PlayStation on the same day.

While there have been a few demos over the past few months, each proved that Crow Country deserves your attention. The latest Steam Next Fest trailer was one of the best horror demos available during the festival.

Crow Country takes players on a chilling journey with Mara Forest, who embarks on a quest to find Edward Crow, the enigmatic owner of an abandoned theme park. As Mara navigates through the park, she encounters challenging puzzles that unlock hidden paths. She must manage her limited resources to survive each encounter, turning every interaction into a strategic event.

For those who prefer a little more pacifism in their games, Crow Country will also launch with an exploration mode that will let the player experience the story without worrying about the threat of death from the enemies in the park. This seems like a good way for more passive players to enjoy the haunting atmosphere.

“We’re really excited to announce the launch date for Crow Country, and I can’t wait for players to finally get their hands on the finished game,” said Adam Vian, Creative Director. “This project has been a real labor of love – there are so many secrets and surprises for players to discover in Crow Country when it launches.”

Crow Country will be available on Steam and PS5 on May 9th for $19.99, and I can’t wait.



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