‘Everwinter’ Exclusive Clip: A Party You’ll Never Forget

everwinter night

In the dead of winter, the time of their lives has just run out. Described as Midsommar meets Chasing Amy by way of The Shining, indie horror-comedy Everwinter Night is available now via Prime Video.

Read the full synopsis below:

Lifelong best friends Maddy and V set out for a relaxing vacation. When their old college clique hijacks their plans, V finds herself at a remote ski lodge where a group of mysterious wealthy men throw a celebration a century in the making.

In our exclusive clip from the film, the friends realize something strange is afoot.

Watch now:

Adam Newman directed Everwinter Night from a script he co-wrote with Chris Goodwin. Victoria Mirrer, McKenna Parsons, Goodwin, Jamie Dufault, and Sarah Nicklin star in the film.

“The shoot was unlike anything we had ever done or heard of before,” explains Newman. “After our 12-hour shoot days, we had to head back to our rooms to write the scenes for the following day, trusting in the story that we had assembled only days before and in the talented cast and crew that stuck with us through it all. Somehow, in the chaos, we were able to craft a personal story that mixes a lot of what we love in horror movies: characters you love – or love to hate – plus fun kills and story-fueled scares.”

Everwinter Night is available to rent for only $1.99 or purchase for $4.99.



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