Cinderella Chooses Violence In First Trailer for ‘Cinderella’s Revenge’ [Watch]

With the internet chatter over 2003’s Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey and the upcoming Steamboat Willie horror movie, it is no surprise bloody takes on fairy tales are on the rise. This is why we have been keeping our dreadful eye on the upcoming title Cinderella’s Revenge. After what has felt like months of radio silence, our bloodthirsty princess has popped up in a new Entertainment Weekly exclusive. While she might have left her slipper somewhere (or in someone), she remembered to bring a new trailer. 

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Cinderella’s Revenge is directed by Andy Edwards. It is written by Tom Jolliffe. The cast includes Lauren Staerck, Natasha Henstridge, and Stephanie Lodge.

Andy Edwards told Entertainment Weekly what viewers can expect from the movie: “We have Cinderella, we have the evil stepmother, we have the two evil sisters, and they treat her pretty badly,” he explains. “But there’s a few twists in it and a few surprises. There’s sex and violence, as well, which you might not expect. So something for everyone!” –via  Entertainment Weekly

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Edwards also shared some plot details with EW. He mentioned Cinderella’s murderous spree is kick-started by a mask given to her by her fairy godmother (Natasha Henstridge). He explained:

“The idea is that Cinderella is this innocent person, so the mask is a way of her turning to the dark side,” Edwards says. “Cinderella’s revenge in the fairytale is by being successful and marrying the prince, but in this, there’s proper physical, violent revenge.” – via Entertainment Weekly

If you are excited to go to the bloody ball, your wait is nearly over. Cinderella’s Revenge is taking her pumpkin carriage to the theaters starting April 26.

Are you a fan of these gruesome takes on old children’s stories? Or are you just excited to watch Cinderella throw hands at her stepsisters? Whatever your reasons, let me know why you are excited to see Cinderella’s Revenge this spring at @misssharai.



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